Posted by: sis | April 13, 2008

This was all my idea

I got the oh so subtle hint about not having my posts be self-involved, however I will use this first one to directly ignore that hint.

This was all MY idea!!

My original master plan was not without flaw, but I must say it was brilliant. The flaw in the initial idea was to use the first letter of our last name in the title along with our usual nicknames for each other. This would make our blog title “GSis and GBro”, but when I sounded it out I decided that we would attract a lot of religious zealots wondering where their saviour was. Bro saved the idea by coming up with an equally genious title of which I endorse fully.

The blog was not my only idea as I also have come up with another stellar plan. This plan I have is how to save Starbucks.

Now they are not my favorite coffee house, in fact I think their coffee tastes burnt and is expensive. But my ideas do not discriminate and I have noticed that their share price is down and MacDonald’s is trying to close in on the coffee monopoly they hold. So I have come up with a plan for them to save themselves… serve Poo coffee!!

Animal dung coffee at £50 a cup

Tell the CEO Howard Schultz to call me if he wants me to elaborate further.

Sis out


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