Posted by: Bro | April 14, 2008

‘Cuz I was first.

Sis and I are going to start writing a blog. Why? Because we are amazing and our parents want to show us off on-line. Like many of their plans, we will thwart it and likely end up insulting each other. For example, Sis is shorter than I and less physically intimidating. Proud, proud parents.

Having ventured into blogging before and found myself navel-gazing, I’ll attempt to keep it to things that people might actually want to read about, which means writing about something other than me and my opinions about people you don’t know. I’d like to think that Sis will do the same, but she is all about thinking she is important so I doubt it. Consider that a dropped hint.

Possible topics include: Oplopanax horridus, skepticism, small-town Canada, and Toronto. There you go. It just might be amazing.



  1. I totally just stumbled on this blog. Nobody told me it even existed. I’m that good at internet.

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