Posted by: Bro | May 24, 2008

Leaving Vancouver

I’ve left Vancouver numerous times. Before I moved there, I would visit family who lived there and then leave. After I moved there, I would often visit my family or head skiing. So Vancouver has seen the ass-end of me in a number of ways.

The departure that interests me most at the moment actually happened while I was attempting to sleep off a hangover. I was in the passenger seat of an over-packed car, being driven to Prince George by an irritated friend. Not only was my hangover denying her my stunning conversation, but the drinking which had caused it had also ended loudly in her apartment. Come to think of it, she may have been peeved when I announced on that headache-filled morning that I could not drive standard.

So she was almost soloing a drive to Prince George, which is boring and depressing since Prince George is a depressing place to be heading in late April. I shouldn’t say that she was soloing it, because I did wake up periodically to bitch and moan. Did I mention that I was clinically depressed at the time? No wonder she doesn’t talk to me anymore.

The drive from Vancouver to Prince George is stunningly beautiful. Vancouver, as many people know, is gorgeous, but heading east out of it is a nice change of pace. The omnipresent north shore mountains recede and you drive through the agriculturally-rich valley and into the steeper mountains around Hope. At Hope you make a left and you cruise for 6-8 hours through steep canyons and passes, near desert, and into the gentle rolling hills of the interior. I missed most of that on my first drive to Prince George because I was either asleep or focused on my perceived flaws.

Asleep, hungover, moody, and missing out on everything there was to see and say, so why remember this?

It was the start of my first season of treeplanting, and anyone who has known me for more than three weeks knows that I can’t help but talk about treeplanting. I’m hoping that by writing about it, I will learn to shut up about it. It is simply too far removed from my current policy career, yet I still catch myself saying “one time when I was treeplanting…”


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