Posted by: sis | June 4, 2008


Bro, I promised I would write more and I am a making good on that promise.

I will now commence with another poorly thought out and grammatically challenged blog entry.

I learned last week that my name is supposed to have a fada in it. If you are wondering what a fada is it is basically the Gaelic version of the French accent ague, or this á. That means that my already unpronounceable name could be even more difficult for others.                                                                                                                                                         Fada has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Perhaps I will name my first born child this. Sure there will be confusion between Father and Fada, especially if the person has a lisp, but it would be original. Then they could name their child, aka my grandchild, Luke and the circle would be complete. “Luke, I am your Fada”

Random note #2 is that I’m addicted to Wii fit. I thought it would be cool to post a blog on my journey to svelteness with my Wii fit, but then I found out that I was not original in my train of thought. The Official Wii Fit Experiment kick off! Damn people, always stealing my ideas!

Random thought #3: My Italian friends have also taught me the best new suedo swear…Baccalà!!! There is nothing more insulting than calling someone a salty cod. Besides being insulting says it makes “Lots of tasty recipes!”

Sis out


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