Posted by: sis | June 14, 2008

Looks like I am winning the battle of the blog posts.

Bro is seriously slacking on his entries, I guess that is because he is too busy with his government job. Or perhaps its because he uses up his water cooler type chatter at work and saves none of it for our all important blog. I’ll let him defend himself when he reads this (if he ever does).

Anyways, enough of the sis bro rivalry shite. I’m not going to let that be all I write about because its boring, and if anybody is actually reading this stuff I’m sure you don’t care.

These are the weird things I saw this week

1) A lady with a shopping bag on her head

This kind of gives you the idea* note: This isn’t her as I didn’t have my camera handy, but I’m sure you get the idea.

I’ll give the lady the benefit of the doubt because it was raining a bit, and I’m sure she had just had her hair done at the salon in a ‘do that was supposed to last until her next visit.  However if I hadn’t been on the bus whizzing by I might have informed her that she looks like more of a fool with a tight fitting tall plastic bag on her head than if she had left her hair to slightly deflate in the drizzle.

2) I also saw this;

Whoha wooha

Seriously some person had paid way too much for this and stuck it in the middle of what was once a perfectly nice lawn. Not only had they bought one sculpture that induced uncomfortable crotch staring, but they had decided to purchase two of the same and put them side by side. That way you could go from pretending not to look at one who-ha to pretending not to look at another. Plus we all know that Kate doesn’t have the cleanest of down there regions after the dirty men she has dated, and so it just makes it all that much more uncomfortable.

3) I saw lots of other notable things that I am too lazy to type about, and so here are some pictures;

girly girlypretty lamerhottie

* note: I may have not actually seen these things. They are most likely pretty pictures to fill space.


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